Where are recliners made?

La-Z-Boy manufactures its loungers in several countries, including China, Thailand, Mexico and the United States. Much of production in the United States takes place in Dayton, Tennessee. One of the earliest designs for a recliner was published in 1813 in a British magazine, Ackennan’s Repository of Arts. Since the Floral City Furniture Company invented the first recliner chairs on the veranda at the end of the 1920s, a recliner made in the USA has been an integral part of home furnishings. Reclining chairs or sofas are referred to as action or movement furniture because they move or change shape.

A recliner is an upholstered chair with a metal mechanism that is activated by the user so that the backrest is pushed out and a footrest is raised upwards to accommodate the user’s lower legs. The frame is made of wood, often hardwoods, as the chair receives a lot of movement or weight shift as it transitions from a traditional chair to a recliner. After the small run of the new recliner chair has been successfully completed, full production is commenced, and each plant produces several thousand loungers per day. Since those humble beginnings in Monroe, Michigan, the recliner and sofa have gained popularity among homeowners.

Reclining chairs usually have replaceable components that are easier (and less expensive) to repair if necessary. With the rich history of sunbeds manufacturing, high-quality products, American workmanship, and lounge chairs suitable for a wide budget and different tastes, sunbeds made in the USA still stand above many foreign brands. Some loungers are activated by the seated person pulling a lever, others are activated by the seated person pushing back into the chair with some force.