How does a power recliner chair work?

A power recliner, sometimes referred to as an electric recliner, uses electrical components or motor series to recline and recline the chair into a comfortable position at the touch of a button. This type of motion bed requires access to electricity or a battery pack. A power recliner allows you to lean back with a simple push of a button and must be connected to a wall socket. A manual recliner, sometimes referred to as a push arm bed, requires your body weight to be pushed back and reclined by placing your hands on the armrests for leverage.

At La-Z-Boy, our power recliners can be plugged into a nearby power outlet or powered by a battery that is hidden under the chair. The 2 main types of couches depending on the mechanism are manual and automatic couches. The mechanism of a power recliner is based on a motor, typically either a single or double adjustment, that controls the adjustable parts of the chair during reclining motion. Although power consumption varies by chair and use, recliners reportedly consume about 14W in standby mode and 58W to perform standard movement.

This means that Power recliners offer you an almost infinite number of lockable chair and footrest combinations to choose from. Power recliners usually come at a higher price than manual couches because they simply cost more to produce. Many modern power recliners are also often recommended for ergonomic neck and back positions and feature a flat bed with fully extended footrests for even weight distribution and orthopaedic support. Many recliners come with a warranty (including a five-year warranty from the Mobility Furniture Company).

They require that you simply use a remote control or operating system on the chair to move it to a reclining position. Although they look like any other chair or sofa in their standard unused position, recliners allow the leg support and back support to be raised and lowered. Electric recliners help elderly people and people with mobility problems to get in and out of the chair easily. Features offered by modern recliners include warmth and massage for optimal comfort and relation, vibration, storage compartments, removable headrests or pillows, and multiple cup holders.

Because of their freedom of movement, recliners are often preferred by the elderly, limited mobility, or people with back or joint pain, especially when sitting in a conventional chair. A recliner has a frame that is solidly constructed from hardwood or plywood and aligned with sturdy screws that allow easy reclining and a long service life.